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The Facts About Ebola


****Please Note:  This in-service should NOT be considered adequate training on Ebola for hospice aides and other nursing assistants.  Proper training must be done by infection control professionals through the organizations where they work according to the new CDC guidelines.

In September 2014, the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States occurred in Dallas, Texas.  Within several days, two nurses who cared for the patient were diagnosed as well.  Although hospices will not be caring for end-stage Ebola patients due to the rapidity of the disease and the need for isolation/quarantine, ALL healthcare workers should know the facts about Ebola.  Furthermore, hospices may be called upon to be involved grief and bereavement services if an outbreak occurs in the United States. This module covers the history of Ebola, the recent events that have taken place in the United States, signs & symptoms, transmission, protection for healthcare workers, and preventing the spread of Ebola. This module contains the following learning objectives:

  • Discuss the history of Ebola from Africa to the United States
  • List the signs and symptoms of Ebola including critical information in the patient’s history
  • Describe the mode of transmission for Ebola
  • Discuss healthcare worker protection from Ebola
  • Define methods for preventing the spread of Ebola


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  • Module Extra:  New CDC Guidelines for Preventing Transmission of Ebola
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